Economic Development
Moving Wilmington forward as a destination for families and small businesses.
I will continue to work in a bipartisan manner to advance policies that attract and help local businesses succeed, make long-term investments in our city’s infrastructure, and expand pathways to opportunities so we can help Wilmingtonians and others create sustainable jobs with livable wages.

My Record:
  • Small business owner for 30 years.

  • Organized Southbridge Civic Association to negotiate the only four Community Benefit Agreements in the state with various developers resulting in the use of minority contractors on job sites, the hiring of local residents and other specific benefits to the community.

  • Organized retreat workshops to prepare local residents for employment at Christina Crossing ShopRite Megastore resulting in employment for approximately 28 local residents.

  • Created the Preparatory Assistance Instruction and Development (PAID) program which provided life skills and workforce development training to nearly 300 participants.

  • Convened comprehensive parking summit to address the rapid growth of downtown resulting in business approved changes in parking areas.

  • Encouraged the development of community-driven neighborhood revitalization plans: SAMP; East Side Rising; and West Center City Futures
Public Safety
Moving Wilmington forward by investing in the safety of our residents, visitors, and communities.
Reducing and preventing crime requires bold actions and policies that address both the immediate and long-term issues that plague our great city. It requires a shared effort – between the private and non-profit sectors, federal, state and city governments, the faith-based community, and city residents – to develop and implement neighborhood-based initiatives that result in safer streets and safer communities.

My Record:

  • Championed the effort that resulted in the Center for Disease Control investigating Wilmington's pandemic gun violence. Publicly calling for and supporting the implementation of their recommendations to solve the problems identified.

  • Coordinated Wilmington’s Call to Action and Unity which resulted in increased community participation around issues of violence and recruited 200 new members to address crime and youth initiatives.

Equitable High-Quality Education
Moving Wilmington forward by preparing our children to obtain the intellectual and skill-based competencies to assist their City, State and County compete in the global market place.
A high-quality education -- regardless of race, income, or ZIP code -- should be guaranteed.  As Council President, I will ensure that the City of Wilmington is engaged and ready to act legislatively to support a comprehensive city-wide education plan.

My Record:

  • As the 4th District Councilperson, directed over $72,000 in City Council scholarship funding to 240 students matriculating through Wilmington’s public schools admitted into institutions of higher education.

  • As Education Chair of the Delaware Black Caucus, hosted an education forum that addressed and solved parental concerns regarding their children's education.

  • As the 4th District Councilperson, sponsored legislation resulting in the City soliciting RFQs for the operation of the Education Channel –Comcast Channel 965 for the purpose of providing comprehensive educational programming for the citizens of Wilmington.

Moving Wilmington forward by protecting our natural resources and safeguarding our families and communities from environmental hazards.
I strongly believe that we, as inhabitants of the Earth, have a duty to be responsible stewards of our resources and to view the economic, environmental, and social decisions we make in the present through the lens of securing the bounties of the Earth for our children’s future as well.

My Record:

  • Initiated and continue to lead the legislative effort to mitigate flooding in the Southbridge neighborhood via the $20 million South Wilmington Wetland Project involving multiple city departments, state agencies and the community

  • Supported the five-year renewal contract with Recycle Bank to continue programs which eliminated the expansion of our current landfill.

  • Advocated for the conversion of the City’s Porter Filtration Plant from an oil or coal-based energy system to a solar photovoltaic system which created local green-energy jobs in its installation and maintenance of that new system.

Moving Wilmington forward by mobilizing residents and communities to be civically engaged and understand the roles and responsibilities of their local government.
Citizen participation is a critical—and often overlooked—aspect of successful local governments and urban planning. For public policies and services to actually have a positive impact on people’s daily lives, I believe that city leaders need to have a clear picture of the particular needs of the communities we serve. As City Council President, I will continue to mobilize residents and communities to build capacity, create wealth, increase civic engagement, reduce poverty, and advance grassroots advocacy.

My Record:

  • As City Councilperson of the 4th District, I sponsored legislation which established the Wilmington Youth Leadership Commission empowering 35 high school students from throughout the City to serve as advisors and youth advocates to the Mayor and City Council in the shaping of public policy.

  • Coordinated the Third & Fourth Districts Eastside Working Group to collectively address issues facing residents of Wilmington’s Eastside, such as housing, public safety, and neighborhood beautification.

  • Established the “Light Up The 4th District” initiative empowering residents to identify blown or obstructed street lights that needed to be replaced which resulted in well-lit and safer neighborhoods.

  • Encouraged the development of community-driven neighborhood revitalization plans: SAMP and the South Wilmington Wetland Project; East Side Rising through Central Baptist Community Development Corporation; and, West Center City Futures.

  • Encouraged the development of 6 Community Benefits Agreements between community negotiation teams and various developers.

Efficient & Effective Public Services
Moving Wilmington forward by working in concert with the administration to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in the City's budget to enhance the quality of our services, and better demonstrate the value of City services to our citizens, customers, and stakeholders.
Voters and All Citizens deserve open and honest leadership! I will continue to work collaboratively with residents, the business community, and the administration to foster a culture of inclusion, transparency and accountability on City Council.