- Hanifa Shabazz is a proven leader in all areas, from: housing, community and economic development, social services, education and public safety. She is the only qualified candidate for city council president that has effectively created policies that improve the quality of life for all of our city's residents. 
- My endorsement of Councilwoman Shabazz is based on her ability to move our city forward through the legislative process, coupled with her hands on working knowledge of economic, resident and community development. 

- Dr. Shabazz is the only candidate that understands that in order to address the public safety issues in our city we have to advance legislation that focuses on the systematic failures including education, housing, the criminal justice system and economic development.  – Councilman Nnamdi Chukwuocha
- On Tuesday September 13th, Wilmington residents will make an important decision when they elect a new President of City Council. The next president must be able to work with all segments of the community: neighborhood groups, business leaders and council colleagues. Hanifa Shabazz is that person!

I have had the opportunity to serve on Council with Hanifa for the past
12 years. We have worked together on issues dealing with public safety, environmental, housing and finance. She is someone that will listen and get things done that benefit our entire City.

Please join me in supporting an experienced and proven leader,
Hanifa Shabazz for City Council President.

- Councilman Charles “Bud” Freel 

Councilwoman Hanifa Shabazz is also endorsed by:

Senator Margaret Rose Henry
St. Representative James J. Johnson
St. Representative Stephanie T. Bolden
County Councilman Jea Street
City Councilman Samuel Prado
Former City Councilman Paul Ignudo
William and Ann Gallagher
Peter and Susan Booker
Rev. Terrance Keeling, Eastside Rising Founder
Tony Allen, Chairman of WEIC
Bishop Thomas Weeks
Rev. Aaron Moore
Richard “Raw” and AliShah Watson, HipHop Artist Team
Ralph Alleyne, Business Owner
Beverly Bell, Community Leader
Marie Reed, Community Leader
Lori Diallo, Business Owner
Ebon Flagg, Business Owner
Arthur Boswell
Raheemah Jabbar Bey
Rosa Howez
Andrea Queen
Charles Fleming
Joel and Josie Harper
Tomarra Morris
Sharon Bryant
Debra Thompson

….more to come